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Well Construction

With reliable holding capabilities in challenging environments, even at greater depths, our technology is ideally suited to well construction activities.

Developed from our core Ace Ratchet Collar technology, each of our products uses unrivalled holding force to mount them directly to the outside of the casing or liner. Installation is simple and quick, ensuring time and cost efficiency is maximized.

Best stop Collar technology for reliable holding capabilities in challenging drilling environments
Ace Ratchet Collar

Reliably anchor accessories to the casing with unrivalled holding force and without a complex installation processes or screws. Our models fit any operation, whether it is close tolerance (ARC-Slim) and non-close tolerance (ARC-Force).

a pink and black drilling centralizer for the oilfield that minimizes wear during casing or liner drilling
Ace Drilling Centralizer

Reduce drilling torque and minimize wear during casing or liner drilling

two pink and black fixed centralizer improving casing in drill operations and protecing downhole equipment
Ace Fixed Centralizer

Centralize casing and protect downhole equipment with our single-piece steel centralizer, fixed directly on to the casing or liner.

Strength in simplicity
  • The ARC’s flexible design suits both close and non-close tolerance operations

  • Customizable for special situations

  • Impose no restrictions on string design

  • Can match any centralizer on the market

  • Manufactured using high quality materials in both 4140 steel and chrome

  • Chamfered for any well obstructions

  • Designed to handle bundled pipe

Efficient operations
  • Cost efficient solution when compared to centralizer sub replacements

  • Can be placed anywhere along the pipe with no need for pipe preparation

  • Simple installation - anywhere, any time, on or offshore with remote installation training available to minimise travel

  • All off-the shelf tools can be installed at short notice with flexible delivery options available

  • Designed for efficient removal

Superior stop collars for well construction looking with strong and simple design that suit both close and non-close operations
A new challenge

We strive to be a force in all we do and believe our holding capabilities can provide solutions for new applications in well construction. If you have an enquiry, please get in touch to discuss how our technology could support your operations.


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