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Efficient and cost-effective installations that put the client in control 

With a simple installation process, that takes less than 1 minute per collar, we are supporting our customers operations to save time and reduce costs.

save time and reduce costs of well operations with the use of premium stop collars
Flexibility for operations
  • Simple and compact installation kit can be used anywhere in the world

  • Products can be installed at the yard or at the rig site

  • Installations can either be undertaken by Ace personnel or by trained staff in-house

  • Flexible training options

Remote installation options
  • Dedicated Ace trainers can offer remote installation training

  • Full support of a regular training process without the need to travel

  • Flexibility to undertake training where and when required

  • Reduced travel-related emissions

Build in-house expertise
  • Ace trainers certify customers to safely and correctly fit entire range of products using the Ace Installation Tool

  • Build a network of experts in-house to improve efficiency for future jobs

Ratchet stop collars installation experts in Norway
Safe and efficient installation
  • Automating completions activity

  • Safer and more efficient installation compared to traditional clamps

  • Partially pre-installed on the tubing for increased efficiency

  • Fully automated version in-development

tools to automate completion operations
Installations that reduce carbon emissions

Since 2020, we have offered remote installation training, building in-house expertise with greater flexibility and cost efficiency for our customers. Digital training has proven to reduce emissions by almost 88%, reducing the carbon footprint of ourselves and our customers. 

227 tonnes of CO₂ saved
15 flights around the world

of CO₂ saved in remote installations

remote installation trainings across 6 continents

of installations now taking place remotely

Simple installation kit:
  • hand-held setting tool (HST)

  • Small hydraulic power unit

  • Pump (electric, gasoline, generator or manually operated)

simple Installation Tools that allow to save time
Installation process
  • The ARC is manually slid into position on the pipe.

  • A two-person team uses the HST to press the two sets of ratchets together to permanently lock the collar to the casing with about 40,000lbs of force.

  • With no screws or field tightening sequence, installation is easy, consistent and takes just 1 minute for an individual ARC to be safely installed

top stop collars for well construction tools that can be installed globaly
Unrivalled holding force

The HST can be used anywhere in the world. With the correct hydraulic fluid in the pump for the environment, Ace products can be installed at any global location – hot or cold. The pump can be electric, gasoline, powered or connected to a generator in remote locations. For small jobs the pump can even be powered manually. 


The compact and lightweight tool can be shipped directly to the client’s yard, or offshore at the rig site so that installation can take place at the most appropriate location for each job.


All ARC sizes can be installed with the same HST tool (even the large 18” tool), simply by changing out the plates. 


Ace tools can be installed along the entire string in just a matter of hours, saving significant time

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