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Creating a better tomorrow.

As the energy landscape evolves, so must the solutions that are available within it. 

Driven by a mission to use innovation to solve technical and operational challenges, we are continuing to shape the way we participate in the global energy transition. To focus this effort, we are committed to following UN Sustainability Goals.

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

With innovation at our core, we are driven to challenge the status quo, continuously looking for ways to evolve our technology to better address the needs of our customers. This does not apply just to our products, but also the way we produce and deliver the solutions in our portfolio.

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Since 2018, we have been actively encouraging digital operations. Creating a framework for remote digital training to minimise our travel needs, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our activities.

Conserve and sustainability use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Our premium Well Construction products ensure the casing string is centralized, which means well integrity can be maintained. With a centralized casing string, cementing processes are optimized and downhole barriers are effectively established.  This reduces the risk of major incidents occurring as a result and contributes to the protection of life below water.

We are passionate about contributing to change and will continue to evolve, guiding our strategic choices to take actions that minimise the environmental impact.

We’ve already seen success from two key initiatives; digital operations and shipping minimisation.

The Digital Operation

We continue to develop our remote training and installation solutions to enable our customers access the latest technologies without the need for global travel.  

For example, previously the journey from our home in Stavanger, Norway to a customer site in Tampico, Mexico would have required a 5,369 miles flight with CO2 emissions of 1270 kgs. We have removed that need, and the resulting emissions.

In doing so, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 88%, saving more than 227 tonnes of CO2 since 2020. 

Using video calls and learning materials, we can be transported to production sites all over the globe with zero carbon impact.  Our customers have positively responded, with the vast majority adopting remote training this year and 78% of all 2021 operations taking place remotely.

​In addition, remote installation training has enabled our customers to develop valuable skill sets within their own teams, allowing them to conduct customer lead installations all around the globe.


reduced CO₂ emissions.


of CO₂ saved

since 2020.

Cutting shipping miles

This aim to work in partnership with our customers towards a shared sense of environmental responsibility, has also encouraged us to rethink shipping practises.

As a part of our normal supply chain processes – some of our products are manufactured in China and delivered to our headquarters in Norway before being shipped to our clients around the world. Whilst this is standard practise for many companies who utilise international production, we wanted to rethink how we approach shipping to provide options to our customers.

With customers now able to collect products from the manufacturer themselves, we can directly reduce the travel and environmental footprint of our tools, cutting freight miles and CO2 emissions. 

Looking at our data, from 2018 until Q2 2023, we have calculated that 56% (535,647 kg kg) of potential Greenhouse Gas emissions from shipping have been saved by customers embracing direct pick-up.


reduced CO₂ emissions from reduced shipping.

535,647 kg

of greenhouse gas saved from 2018 to Q2 2023

Innovation to enable transformation

The need to maximise our current energy infrastructure, whilst developing new solutions across the changing sector is paramount.

It requires innovation and a continual focus on improving cost efficiency, saving time and reducing risk.  It requires something special.


We transformed the attachment of tools and accessories to the casing or completion string when we created our foundational technology – the Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC)

We are committed to proactively ensuring that our operations always take place in an incident-free workplace:
  • We establish and regularly review objectives as part of our continuous improvement initiatives

  • We report and respond to all incidents of any kind

  • We develop action plans using company approved processes

  • We ensure compliance with our Company Management System and all applicable laws and regulations at all times

  • We work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner

  • We will adapt to agreed customer requirements

Our code of ethics
Our code of practice for Corporate Social Responsibility
We recognise the global challenges and join the industry’s energy transition and commitment to a net-zero future:
  • We are constantly reviewing our business processes and creating more sustainable practises

  • We are actively making better choices to minimise the environmental impact

  • Our digital operation and shipping minimisation practises have significantly reduced our CO2 emissions 

  • In partnership with our customers, we are determined to document and evaluate our environmental impact to inform our choices for the future

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