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The Ace Approach
Innovation to enable transformation

The need to maximise our current energy infrastructure, whilst developing new solutions across the changing sector is paramount.

It requires innovation and a continual focus on improving cost efficiency, saving time and reducing risk.  It requires something special.


We transformed the attachment of tools and accessories to the casing or completion string when we created our foundational technology – the Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC)


Unrivalled holding force

Safer, more reliable and easier to install, the Ace Ratchet Collar locks together to deliver an unrivalled holding force under all operating conditions.

With this superior securing method, we established a foundation for the development and application of downhole accessories which can be mounted directly to the outside of the casing or liner.  Our family of simple and effective products maintain high holding force in all operating conditions, no matter the well.

Strength in simplicity

The simple two-piece ratchet mechanism of our close tolerance stop collar supports well integrity across any industry.  Rated to over 90,000lb axial load and placed anywhere along the pipe, the ARC can arrest axial movement of virtually any accessory.

  • Simple, slim design

  • Unrivalled security

  • No need for chemicals

  • No loose parts

  • No threads

  • Flexible positioning

  • Reduce remediation costs

  • Fast and efficient installation

A grey textured rock with a company on the background that provides technology for the drilling industry
Broader market applications

Not restricted to a specific industry, our tools can benefit a broad variety of wells. From our origins in Oil and Gas, our expertise also reaches across Geothermal and CCS. The conditions may vary, but the reliability of our technology does not.

a simple installation kit, with hand-held setting tool, small hydraulic power unit, and a pump for electric, gasoline, generator or manually operated
Simple installation process

Minimal installation kit, flexible delivery solutions, remote training options and a rapid installation process. The ARC family of products are easily adopted, no matter the project.

Ace Well Technology Workshop - HST installation tool
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