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Efficiency, safety and reliability are paramount during completion, regardless of the well type. 

We have expanded the use of our foundational Ace Ratchet Collar to facilitate safer, smarter and more flexible solutions, designed to address the specific needs of the completion phase.

Advanced stop collar in vibrant pink that reduce risk and improve operational efficiency of well completion
Ace Control Line Clamp

The ACLC reimagines one of the most critical elements of well completion – the installation of control line clamps. With Ace’s revolutionary clamp technology and automated technology combined, the ACLC significantly reduces risk and improves operational efficiency

Ace Carrier Systems

Effectively house and transport accessories into the wellbore

 Tracer Carrier and stop collar solutions for stability for carrier placement during running-in-hole
Ace Tracer Carrier

House and protect tracer elements conveyed into the wellbore on the production string

Splice carriers that offers superior cable and splice protection without the need for subs
Ace Splice Carrier

Effectively protect, cut and splice together control lines outside the tubing while running completions.

fully customisable carrier system for transporting accessories safely into the wellbore
Ace Custom Carrier

A fully customisable carrier system for transporting accessories safely into the wellbore with exceptional flexibility.

Improving safety

Safer is our primary objective.

Our completions tools provide an alternative to traditional high risk processes.

Our ACLC cuts the total time spent in the red zone during completion operations by 30% and reduces the personnel required by 50%

improve well contruction safety with best oilfield technologies
cut down time spent in red zone during completion operations with premium stop collars
team in workshop producing prime solutions for the oil and gas industry such as stop collars, centralizers, carriers
Delivering efficiency

Our time and cost-efficient solutions deliver savings even in remote areas, where the management of traditionally high expenses associated with logistical issues is common


Each of our completion products are fully customizable, ensuring they fit the specifications of each project

completion products fully customizable for well operations
Sustainability in focus

We’ve adapted our processes to enable our customers to make better choices to minimise environmental impact.

A new challenge

If you have a completion challenge which requires a holding force, then please get in touch.


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