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Ace Fixed Centralizer

Designed for applications where rigid centralizers are required, the Ace Fixed Centralizer is a single-piece steel centralizer that is fixed directly to the casing or liner.

Attached to the liner or casing using two Ace Ratchet Collars, the self-tightening ratchet technology will withstand extreme axial and torsional holding forces.

premium fixed centralizer for rigid applications downhole
  • With no loose or small parts that could fail, the AFC is a reliable component that protects your downhole equipment

  • Suitable for applications requiring high axial and radial holding forces

  • With the ability to custom design the AFC, flow-by can be maximized and optimal standoff can be achieved

  • Single-piece steel centralizer

  • Axial holding force rated up to 90,000lb

  • Design of the curvature of the blades and the bypass slots can be varied to meet specific requirements

  • Bevelled end sections

  • Packers

  • Screens

  • Sliding sleeves

  • Casing drilling

  • Reaming with liner or casing

More information

Further technical information is available upon request.

Fixed centralizer tool for high axial and radial holding forces applications for drilling

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