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At the core of our operations is our Ace Ratchet Collar, which underpins our entire family of products.  The ARC acts as the perfect foundation for creating innovative and effective solutions, using its unrivalled holding force to mount them directly to the outside of the casing or tubing. 


Each tool is fully independent of weight, grade and thread, making them extremely versatile in their application.

If a unique challenge exists, then we work directly with our clients to tailor solutions to meet their well challenges


We were born from the belief that we can do better.

With a continual focus on innovation, we are always looking for ways to change what can be done and introducing new solutions that meet the needs of an ever-changing energy sector.  We believe that our ARC technology has many more possible applications and we concentrate our efforts on advancing our cutting-edge solutions.

A new challenge

We strive to be a force in all we do and believe our holding capabilities can provide solutions for new applications. If you have an enquiry, please get in touch to discuss how our technology could support your operations.


Thanks for getting in touch.

A member of the team will respond as soon as possible.

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