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Ace Drilling Centralizer

Perfect for drilling through problem zones in both casing and liner drilling, the Ace Drilling Centralizer (ADC) is a solid body centralizer which rotates independently of the casing or liner string. Ideal for applications when many revolutions of the casing or liner string are expected.

The ADC consists of a centralizer, coupled with two of our Ace Ratchet Collars, with wear pads that fit under the centralizer. The centralizer rides on these extensions to reduce toque and prevent wear to both the parent casing and the rotating casing or liner.

The ADC can be used in a variety of applications, including casing and liner drilling and reaming, and for rotating the string while cementing.


•    No wear on the casing or liner
•    Provides stability to liner drilling directional BHA
•    With no loose or small parts that could fail, the ADC is a reliable downhole component
•    Suitable for applications requiring high axial and radial holding forces


•    Solid body centralizer rotates on casing to reduce drilling torque and vibrations
•    Axial holding force rated up to 90,000lb
•    Can be ordered with an outer diameter to match the hole size drilled
•    Design of the curvature of the blades and the bypass slots can be varied to meet specific requirements


•    Casing drilling
•    Liner drilling
•    Reaming with liner or casing

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