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Ace Ratchet Collar Slim

Small in size, but big on strength, the ARC-Slim is designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. Not restricted by size or use, the ARC-Slim can be fitted to most applications worldwide, on any size and grade API pipe and is available for both standard clearance and close-tolerance operations.


As with the original ARC, the ARC-Slim delivers unrivalled holding force under all operating conditions and is the first 90,000lb+ rated stop collar on the market.  Uniquely designed, the ARC-Slim mounts downhole accessories directly to the outside of the casing or completion string.

stop collar technology for drilling industry that are slim and fit in most applications worldwide
  • Zero loose or moving parts reduces the impact on drift and reduces the risk of junk downhole

  • Ideal for chromium pipe as minimal marks left on pipe

  • Flexible in their application – suitable for use with any 3rd party centralizer or casing accessory

  • Available off-the-shelf, so no long production leadtimes and transferable between projects

  • Slim design is perfect for close tolerance operations, which enables it to pass tight restrictions and effectively manage surge and swab

  • Slim design allows for faster running speeds, even in formations with narrow mud margins

  • Quick and easy offline installation in just 1 minute per unit, with no pipe preparation or transportation required

  • Versatile in application as it is independent of weight, grade and thread

  • Proven to reduce costs by up to 80% when compared to centralizer subs

  • Unrivalled holding capabilities – able to withstand minimum axial load of 90,000lb and tested to withstand axial loads up to 180,000lb while meeting passthrough requirements

  • Mounted directly to any size and grade API pipe in yield strengths up to 140ksi

  • Available as standard, slim and ultra slim models with nonstandard sizes available on request

  • Manufactured from 4140 steel or chrome materials with non-standard materials available on request

  • We offer client training and remote installations, contributing to reducing carbon emissions. Read more about the installation and environmental responsibility:

  • Close tolerance

  • High axial load requirement

  • Long horizontal wells

  • Tough formations

Need a quick delivery?

If your operation use a non-close tolerance application, we can offer short delivery time with another Ace Well Technology product, the ARC-Force.

top slim stop collars on the market for oilfield, uniquely designed, allowing for mounts downhole accessories directly to the outside of the casing or completion string

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