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Efficient and cost-effective installations that put the client in control 

With a simple installation process, that takes less than 1 minute per collar, we are supporting our customers operations to save time and reduce costs.

easy collar installation process
Flexibility for operations
  • Simple and compact installation kit can be used anywhere in the world

  • Products can be installed at the yard or at the rig site

  • Installations can either be undertaken by Ace personnel or by trained staff in-house

  • Flexible training options

Remote installation options
  • Dedicated Ace trainers can offer remote installation training

  • Full support of a regular training process without the need to travel

  • Flexibility to undertake training where and when required

  • Reduced travel-related emissions

Build in-house expertise
  • Ace trainers certify customers to safely and correctly fit entire range of products using the Ace Installation Tool

  • Build a network of experts in-house to improve efficiency for future jobs

ace installation tool
Safe and efficient installation
  • Automating completions activity

  • Safer and more efficient installation compared to traditional clamps

  • Partially pre-installed on the tubing for increased efficiency

  • Fully automated version in-development

safe and efficient installation with ace well technology
Installations that reduce carbon emissions

Since 2018, we have offered remote installation training, building in-house expertise, with greater flexibility and cost efficiency for our customers. Digital training has proven to reduce emissions by almost 50%, reducing the carbon footprint of ourselves and our customers. 

80 tonnes of CO₂ saved
13 flights around the world

of CO₂ saved in remote installations

remote installation trainings across 6 continents

of installations now taking place remotely

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