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Ace Custom Carrier

A fully customisable carrier system for transporting accessories safely into the wellbore with exceptional flexibility.

The ACC is a slip-on carrier, which is anchored in place by the ARC technology to produce an extremely high holding force.  The ACC can be adapted to the needs of each operation, effectively carrying third-party jewelry such as gauges, sensors and chemical injections downhole.

The ‘one design fits all approach’ of the ACC means that operators have the ability to utilise different vendors for the various products required and can still utilise the ACC to house all combinations. The ACC can be placed anywhere along the pipe and can be installed onshore or offshore.

Custom carriers tools that are fully customisable
  • Full customisation to suit almost any situation

  • Compatible with third-party completion vendors, transport customer’s technology using the ACC including sensors, gauges and monitors

  • Mounted exactly where required, anywhere along the outside of the pipe

  • No need to use subs, resulting in significant cost savings

  • Suitable for applications with high axial load requirements

  • Fitted with the ARC, on-site installation is quick and easy to improve operational efficiency and reduce rig time

  • Size and specifications can be completely customised

  • Materials can be tailored on request

  • Annulus and reservoir pressure and temperature sensing

  • Carrier for chemical injection and artificial lift tools

  • Integrated part of smart well assemblies

  • Anchoring point for equipment around safety valves, packers and below the tubing hanger

More information

Further technical information is available upon request:

Transport accessories safeky into wellbore with custom carriers systems developed by ace well technologies the developers of best quality stop collars

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