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Ace Control Line Clamp (ACLC)

Automating completions activity

ACLC has been designed to improve safety by enabling semi-automation during the installation of control line clamps, one of the most critical parts of well completion. 


By enabling this automation, the ACLC reduces the need for workers in the red zone by 50% and the time spent in the red zone by 30%.

control line clamps for semi-automation during installation

Delivering a high axial and radial holding force, the tool is deployable on any tubing. The ACLC is partly pre-installed on the tubing for increased efficiency. When running in hole, the retention lid is placed in the installation tool which catches the control lines when it moves toward the completion string.

As part of our commitment to meeting the safety requirements for the future, a fully automated installation version that will eliminate overhead hazards and personnel in the red zone is currently in development. 

If you are interested in this solution, please contact us to be the first to know.

  • Automation ensures safer and more efficient installation compared to traditional clamps

  • Reduced red zone exposure time

  • Highly flexible application, mount anywhere on the tubing

  • Partially pre-installed on the tubing for increased efficiency

  • Developed together with leading operator companies

  • Semi-automated solution

  • Sleek and innovative design with only 3 parts

  • High axial and radial holding force without the use of traditional bolts

  • Retention lid designed for all flatpack and control line applications, using their encapsulation to hold on to umbilical configurations

  • Exceeds latest test requirement defined in Equinor TR 2385 document

  • All well applications using control line 

  • Ideal for multiple control lines

  • Platform and subsea completions

  • Horizontal and ERD wells

  • Extreme wells requiring additional security of control lines

More information

Further technical information is available upon request:

drilling solutions, stop colars, that exceed Equinor TR 2385 requirements

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