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Ace Splice Carrier

Combining the functionality of a shrouded crimp clamp for locking flatpacks, with a splice sub into a single product, the Ace Splice Carrier offers superior cable protection without the need for subs.

A more versatile, efficient and cost-effective alternative to splice subs, the innovative design effectively protects bare control lines and houses the splice blocks.  These splice blocks can be provided by third party vendors installing monitoring devices or can be hydraulically operated.


The ASC provides the same reliability and functionality that is usually offered by subs. As the clamp is not threaded into the completion string, it can be manufactured from standard materials and does not require premium threads. No scrapping of unused back-up tools is required, resulting in substantial hardware cost savings.


Simplifying completions operations, the ASC maximises operational efficiency and helps to reduce rig time by an average of 6-8 hours per assembly (compared to not using splices), or 1-3 hours (compared to other splice types).

The ‘one design fits all approach’ of the ASC means that operators have the ability to utilise different vendors for the various products required and can still utilise the ASC to house all combinations. The ASC can be placed anywhere along the pipe and can be installed onshore or offshore.

  • Bare control lines are fully protected

  • Mounted exactly where required, anywhere along the outside of the pipe

  • Significant cost savings as the Ace Splice Carrier does not require subs

  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce rig time with up to 8 hours of rig time per assembly saved

  • Secures flat pack, allowing separation of control lines

  • Multiple lines can be spliced with a single clamp

  • Effectively house downhole jewellery such as splice blocks, gauges, monitors etc

  • Compatible with the hydraulic or electric splices of all completion vendors

  • Below tubing hangers, both subsea and dry trees

  • Above and below Annulus Safety Valve

  • At the downhole gauge assembly

  • Above and below production packers

  • Above and below smart well assemblies

  • Use as emergency splice

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