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The Driving Force Behind our Tech

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

What motivated us to develop the Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC)

Ace Ratchet Collar is a solution for secure downhole operations

Developing a tool, like the patented Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC), which can provide an unrivalled solution for securely locking additional downhole components onto any tube, was no easy task. However, from day one our team were determined to make it happen. So, why were we so intent on realising this technology?

We were driven by the desire to do things better. We knew the traditional stop collars and existing technologies had significant drawbacks, notably limited use. So, one way we could do better was by creating a solution that was reliable in a multitude of environments. This was particularly important as the industry looked at opportunities further afield, including at depths below 1,000ft where further

challenges arise.

Mitigating and preventing problems occurring with the technology was also central to our reliability mission. This drove us to develop a solution with minimal parts and certainly no screws or bolts. The security and solidity of the ratchet mechanism on the ARC, achieved through just two pieces, gives the solution impressive reliability, reducing the need for costly remedial works or fixes.

With economic demands a constant pressure in the oil and gas industry, we knew doing better also meant creating something that was cost-effective. This felt particularly needed in the context of the alternative being high-expense centralizer subs. However, this driver to develop a cost-effective solution did not mean creating a substandard option, but instead one that could do all and more than its more costly competitors. Notably, the patented ARC is rated to over 90,000lbf axial load, providing high load capabilities to arrest axial movement of virtually any accessory.

Doing things better sometimes means making things easier, and this was certainly a main consideration for our team as we developed the ARC technology. Installation of alternative technologies can be laborious and complex. Instead, the ARC technology has minimal installation kit, which is easy to transport, and the installation process can be completed in just one minute per unit, anywhere in the world with no need for pipe preparation. This makes for easy installation whether you’re onshore or offshore. In fact, the installation is so easy, that we even offer remote or client installations for ARC.

Versatility and flexibility were at the heart of what drove us to develop ARC. It’s not enough to deliver innovative technologies if they can only be applied within limited settings and have restrictions in terms of size and use. This motivated us to develop a solution that would maintain a high holding force under all operating conditions, with no impact on drift. It was important that the ARC products could be fitted to most applications worldwide. In this way the ARC-Slim can be installed onto any size and grade API pipe in yield strength up to 140ksi and is available for standard clearance and close-tolerance applications.

As an organisation we remain committed to providing flexible solutions for clients and as such we can manufacture our ARC-Slim to non-standard sizes and materials if requested. Our ability to be able to easily tailor our solutions, to resolve issues faced in a well, is something we remain very proud of.

Our drive to do better remains a core motivator in our business. Now with installations across five continents and in more than thirty countries, we are always discovering opportunities to help our industry do better. This drives our latest developments and innovations, all with the aim of providing effective tools to support the structural integrity of wells. Explore more of our product range for yourself.

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