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Holding force of Ace Ratchet Collars: A crucial factor in well integrity

Commentary by Joachim Åkesson, Sales Director, Ace Well Technology

Ace Ratchet Collars - stop collars

With the growing focus on the importance of wellbore integrity and asset integrity management, the industry is investing in ACE downhole products that contribute to long-term well reliability.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the oil and gas industry, ensuring the integrity of well structures is paramount. Technologies that contribute to the robustness and reliability of well completions play a crucial role in optimizing production and minimizing risks.

Our innovative ACE Ratchet Collar, delivering a minimum holding force of 90.000 lb (40 823 tons) in axial load, is one of the cornerstones in downhole integrity management. This article explores the significance of ratchet collars, their role in the oil and gas sector, and how the ACE Ratchet Collar stands out in enhancing well integrity.

A significant advancement

The ACE Ratchet Collar is an evolution on the stop collars have been a fundamental component in well construction for decades. These mechanical devices are designed to prevent the migration of tools, equipment, and components within the wellbore. Their primary function is to secure centralizers, cement retainers, and other downhole tools in place, ensuring proper wellbore cementation and overall well integrity.

Stop collars are critical in preventing axial movement along the casing, which can lead to undesirable consequences such as inadequate cement coverage, compromised zonal isolation, and potential wellbore failures. In dynamic downhole environments, tools and equipment are subjected to various forces and pressures. The holding force of stop collars becomes paramount in securing these components in place. A robust holding force ensures that downhole tools remain stationary, reducing the risk of equipment failure or malfunctions during well operations. As such, the oil and gas industry relies on stop collars as an integral part of well construction.

ACE Well Technology's Ratchet Collar represents a significant advancement in the realm of stop collars, offering enhanced reliability and versatility in well construction and completion operations. In fact, the term ratchet collar is now more and more used as a synonym to stop collar in the industry, a testament to how our technology is impacting construction and completion.

The key feature of the ACE Ratchet Collar is its innovative ratchet mechanism. Unlike traditional stop collars that rely on set screws or slips, the ratchet collar utilizes a self-locking system that provides a secure grip on the casing. Additionally, the collar is equipped with raised ridges on the inside that bite into the casing. This eliminates the risk of slippage or loosening during the life of the well, ensuring continuous well integrity.

Innovative installation and highest quality steel

The design of the ACE Ratchet Collar simplifies the installation process. Installation requires only a simple installation tool. Using the tool requires only a short online training course. The ease of installation contributes to operational efficiency, making it an attractive solution for both new well construction and retrofitting existing wells.

ACE Ratchet Collars are engineered to accommodate a wide range of casing sizes and types. This adaptability makes them suitable for various wellbore configurations and ensures compatibility with different downhole tools and equipment. The collar's versatility adds to its appeal for operators seeking a flexible and reliable solution for well integrity.

Operating in harsh downhole environments exposes equipment to corrosive elements. ACE Ratchet Collars are constructed from high-quality 4140 steel with corrosion-resistant properties, ensuring that the holding force remains consistent, even in corrosive downhole environments. This enhances their longevity and maintains effectiveness over the life of the well.

The innovative design and robust construction of ACE Ratchet Collars contribute to a reliable and consistent holding force, addressing the challenges posed by dynamic wellbore conditions and underscoring its significance in the oil and gas industry's relentless pursuit of operational excellence.

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