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Meet the team and industry outlook: Mike Moffitt, Vice President Western Hemisphere

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Mike Moffitt, Ace Well Technology Houston

As a company that services global demand for innovative downhole solutions, we remain close to our customers through our global team. Leading this relationship building in the Americas is our Houston based VP Western Hemisphere, Mike Moffitt. In this month’s blog, we’ll introduce you to Mike: the globetrotter, liner solutions expert, and scout leader.

Mike has been a member of the Ace team over five years, He has a huge wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry developed through 20 years working with major service companies around the globe, including Schlumberger and Weatherford.

From his base in Houston, he has travelled extensively with Ace to build new relationships, support our customers, and see installations in action. As a result, Mike’s passport is filled with stamps from all corners of the world, including trips with our VP New Ventures, Lasse Hetland. These visits took them all over Latin America to gain insights into what we believe are areas of huge potential growth within the industry.

While no two days are the same, Mike’s commitment to providing customers with industry-leading downhole solutions, based upon the technology of Ace’s stop collars with unmatchable holding force, remains central to his role. He highlighted that the ability to do so with autonomy is one of his favorite things about being a member of the Ace team. With the team easily accessible by phone, key business updates being shared readily, and a strong team spirit, Mike is able to drive sales and projects in his expert field of the Western Hemisphere.

When not in the midst of a pandemic, Mike often meets with customers face to face and loves the travel element of his role. Although this has been difficult recently, Mike, like many of us, is looking forward to building in-person business relationships when able to do so.

Mike highlighted that there is now promising movement within the industry towards a bounce back from the difficult year and a half we have experienced. Despite offshore rig counts dropping in the Americas during the pandemic, there is now a marked increase and significant activities, particularly in South America. These developments highlight the potential for Ace’s growth within the region as we continue to provide cost, time and risk-reducing solutions for downhole tools.

So, what’s on the horizon for Mike and Ace in the Americas as we move towards the latter months of 2021?

Put simply: more new relationships, more sales, more innovative solutions, and more success.

With a drive to meet the demand of new and existing customers, Mike has a busy period ahead, including managing the deployment of Ace tools within some of the 35 countries we operate in. When travel restrictions ease further, Mike will be travelling again to get an overview of the work taking place, see installations in action and relay his experiences to the team.

When Mike isn’t representing Ace in the Western Hemisphere he’s spending time with his family, shepherding his children to swimming sessions, helping out in his son’s boy scout troop as an assistant scout master, and building things around the house. In his latest adventure, Mike has been taking a climbing course so he can help teach the scouts how to climb out in the Texas Hill Country.

We look forward to climbing to new heights with Mike and the team over the coming months.

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