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Going digital: remote training at your fingertips

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Ace Well Technology provides remote training

Ongoing digitalization and the energy transition are rapidly changing how those in the oil and gas industry are operating.

At Ace Oil Tools, we have been driving forward these changes in recent years through the development of digital operations that focus on training and remote installations. With these digital operations, we are actively providing our customers with better options to minimise environmental impact and costs.

Over the past year and a half, digitalization has taken place at lightning speed due to the necessity for business adaptations to overcome close contact limitations on operations. Many of us have seen Zoom calls take over from ordinary company communications, talks and conferences have switched to webinars, and our working lives have been reimagined to take place at home. Yet, the transfer of practical functions such as training into the digital realm has yet to be widely adopted in the industry.

At Ace however, our simple but industry-leading downhole tools, based on our stop collar with unparalleled holding force, have provided the basis for a simplified and streamlined installation training process. That means we can train customers to fit our entire range of products (such as drilling centralizers and ratchet collars) to the liner using the Ace installation tool via video training and deployable resources, without a physical presence.

The result: we cut out the costs and emissions associated with instructor travel to customer sites, while also developing your in-house expertise.

In fact, by training remotely to install locally, we have cut CO2 emissions from travel by 50% over the past three years, reducing both our own carbon footprint and the carbon footprints of our customers. In real terms, this is a saving of 80 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of 13 flights around the world. Since 2018, we have been offering remote training to all our customers. In that time, we have completed more than 118 remote installation trainings across six continents.

Anders Harestad, Ace Well Technology

Thanks to remote training sessions, customers get all the support of a regular training process, but with added flexibility. Our Field Supervisor, Anders Harestad, is transported to you virtually to train and certify your personnel. As such, you can conduct the session when it best suits your team– no travel, no additional costs and no stress.

It is this combination of benefits that has resulted in the vast majority of our customers opting for remote training options and 78% of all installations taking place remotely in 2021. And, once trained by our team, customers can go on to lead their own installations on the entire range of our products – developing local networks of installation experts across your company and across the globe.

By offering remote training to our global customers, we are breaking down the travel associated barriers that may have limited access to the latest technology in downhole tools. Now, whether your operations are located far offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, or closer to our home in the Norwegian North Sea, we can ensure the best tools, with the best training, that puts you in control of the best long-term results.

Want to learn more about how remote training and installations can strengthen your hand? Get in touch today.

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