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ADIPEC rounds off our 2022 event attendance

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Ace Well Technology team attending ADIPEC 2022

Thursday 3 November brought the curtain down on one of the energy sector’s flagship events: ADIPEC 2022. This year’s global conference saw 2,200 companies exhibiting. They were joined by 28 international exhibiting country pavilions who came together to explore market trends, source solutions and conduct business across the industry’s full value chain.

We were pleased to attend this year’s event, exhibiting as part of the Euro Mechanical Stand with several of our industry partners. Espen Sørbø, Ken Erik Steine, Lasse Benjamin Jokela and I, all made the trip to the United Arab Emirates, in a visit that marked the end of this year’s major events circuit.

Over the course of the four days, the team was able to discuss sector opportunities and challenges, as well as illustrating how as a business, we are continuing to provide the holding force in downhole technology.

As an exhibition opportunity, ADIPEC 2022 provided the ideal platform for energy companies from around the world to convene and bring their own industry leading technologies and solutions to what has always been the world’s largest oil, gas and energy market. All our team found the discussions, daily presentations and opportunities to share ideas while networking to be incredibly beneficial.

The energy transition remains the prevalent industry theme

There were several key themes from this year’s event, none more so than a focus on ongoing moves for a progressive energy transition. ADIPEC 2022 provided those in attendance with an overview of the efforts by policy and decision-makers, energy and business leaders, and innovators, to support the development of a sustainable, affordable, and secure energy system.

It was also useful to hear the shared insights on the latest global issues affecting energy markets, including geopolitical shifts, the evolving global economy, energy supply challenges and next generation energy solutions.

We have previously written that we believe that the energy transition is the biggest challenge facing the energy sector. We must all play our part in meeting ambitious net zero targets, and we have illustrated our own efforts more widely over the last 24 months.

2021 saw significant time spent examining our operational procedures to develop more environmentally friendly processes. For example, by working hard to enable digital training and installation, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 49.8%, saving more than 80 tonnes of CO2 since 2018.

In support of that, we have also reviewed our supply chain activity. As a part of our normal supply chain processes, some of our products are manufactured in China and delivered to our headquarters in Norway before being shipped to our clients around the world. We wanted to rethink how we approached shipping to provide options to our customers. With that in mind, we now ensure that customers are able to collect products directly from the manufacturer themselves. This leads to a reduction in freight miles and subsequent CO2 emissions can be cut as a result of more direct deliveries.

Looking to 2023

Exhibiting at events and discussing our technology first-hand with delegates, clients and potential customers is a key part of our business operations. At ADIPEC, we were able to illustrate that we have continued our commitment to creating greater value for our customers through innovative product development.

By embracing this innovation, we have made sure that Ace Oil Tools will always be flexible to respond to changing sector requirements. By attending events like ADIPEC, we are able to hear from industry leaders what these requirements are. We are already looking forward to next year’s attendance, as we strive to enhance our position as the holding force in downhole technology.

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