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Norwegian base, global focus

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Commentary by Joachim Åkesson, Sales Director, Ace Well Technology

Discover Ace Well Technology's global approach to innovation, delivering products across the energy sector

As a global innovator, we are committed to developing products for use downhole across the energy sector. While Ace Well Technology is a proud Norwegian company, our HQ in south-west Norway provides a solid base for an operational footprint that spans the world.

With installations across 5 continents and over 30 countries, we have shown that our products deliver new ways to help our customers save time, improve operational and financial efficiency and contribute towards reductions in emissions. This remains the case whether it’s for activity in the North Sea or off the west coast of Africa, to deepwater activity in Mexico or onshore in the UAE.

Embracing the energy sector’s global market

In today's increasingly interconnected world, businesses of all sizes and industries must take a global business focus to remain competitive. Of course, we are no different. By embracing the global marketplace, we have secured access to new customers, new markets, and new opportunities for growth. Most recently, this has seen a focus on South-East Asia, with inroads beginning to be made.

By expanding our operations beyond our domestic market and the Norwegian North Sea, we have tapped into new customer requirements. This has seen us support what were new markets with varying needs, to grow both the company, and the sector. All of our clients have one thing in common: improving well performance. Our global approach is helping them achieve this, ensuring well integrity in the process.

It’s an approach that has flexibility at its foundation. It’s one thing wanting to operate internationally, but it’s important to have the logistics in place for it to be a success. The approach we have taken with our products sees the delivery of simple and compact installation kits that can be used anywhere in the world. What’s more, these can be installed at the yard or at the rig site by the customer, or undertaken by Ace personnel. It’s this flexible approach that supports our global footprint, providing operators with solutions that meet their specific well needs.

Delivering enhanced competitiveness

Enhanced competitiveness is another benefit that comes from our global outlook. By operating in multiple markets, across onshore, offshore and geothermal, we have encountered different cultures, business practices, and customers preferences. This has supported constant learning and provided the catalyst to our product development.

We have shown that the introduction of our products and services can continue to meet the unique needs of different markets, in turn improving our overall competitiveness and ability to adapt to changing market conditions. This continues to drive us forward.

We have innovated, overcome industry challenges, evolved our brand, developed new products to meet the needs of the sector and supported our clients across the globe with their well completion requirements. We were founded from the belief that we can do better, and we are proud that we can demonstrate this, on projects across the world. We have constantly searched to find new ways to help our customers save time, money and improve their operational efficiency.

Developing a skilled team

Talent acquisition is also key for us, particularly within the context of the energy market’s global workforce. Our international footprint ensures we can attract and retain some of the best talent from around the world. By operating in different countries, including a western hemisphere HQ in the United States, we have access to much a larger pool of highly skilled workers with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This has supported the development of our innovative and dynamic team, providing us with a workforce that is better equipped to tackle the challenges of the global marketplace.

By embracing innovation, paired with a strong focus on international markets, we have ensured that the business can always meet the requirements of an ever-changing energy sector. If a unique challenge exists, we have always worked tirelessly to deliver success. This has supported our growth to date and will continue to do so.

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