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Empowering Energy Experts: Ace's Remote Installation Training Program

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Commentary by Anders Harestad, AWT Field Supervisor

Ace footprint in deep water continues to expand

At Ace Well Technology our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly seek new ways to assist our customers in saving time, money, and improving operational efficiency. We firmly believe in simplifying operations, and it is this belief that has been the key behind our success so far.

With a track record of working with operators worldwide, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver exceptional results. In this regard, as Field Supervisor at AWT, I’m trying to embody the values of accountability, collaboration, and excellence through my everyday work, in delivering training sessions that lead to successful installations worldwide.

Adapting to the Pandemic: a remote, comprehensive training program

In today's ever-changing landscape, flexibility and adaptability are crucial. I started working at Ace Well Technology seven years ago, back in 2016. During the first few years I travelled a lot; basically, everywhere our tools were sold and needed to be installed.

When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, imposing severe travel restrictions, we swiftly recognized the need to find alternative ways to provide our training services – whilst still maintaining the same levels of accountability, collaboration, and excellence that our clients were used to. My response was to develop a remote but comprehensive training program that would enable us to continue delivering top-quality training while ensuring efficient and cost-effective installations.

The implementation of the training program has revolutionized the way we support our clients in their installation processes. By using real-time communication platforms – such as WhatsApp or Teams - we bring our expertise and assistance directly to our clients, no matter where they are located. This allows for seamless collaboration and guidance throughout the installation journey, all while maintaining the high standards of quality and support that AWT is renowned for.

Last, but not least, this remote program is also environmentally friendly. Digital training has proven to reduce emissions by almost 88% since 2020 - thereby reducing our carbon footprint. Since January 1, 2020, I have successfully conducted a total of 73 remote installations, provided support to 108 customers who were previously trained by me, and assisted 113 Ace personnel on-site. The graph below offers further insights into the impressive CO2 emissions savings achieved through this initiative.

Emissions saved in KG, Ace Well 2023

Tailored training: meeting our clients’ specific needs

At Ace, we understand that the oil and gas industry presents unique challenges and requirements for each installation. To address this, our training program is customized to align our clients’ specific product orders. Whether it's focusing on the ARC family, the SPLICE or any other tools in our portfolio, our training is tailored to equip the onsite team with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful installation.

I usually set up the training 4-5 days from the installation to ensure that the knowledge shared during the theoretical part remains fresh.

The program consists of two parts:

  • a theoretical session

  • a practical field training

During the theoretical part (3 hours), I usually share a detailed presentation and a video. Then comes the practical part.

This consists of establishing a real-time communication (videochat or texting via WhatsApp) with the team in the workshop and then in the field. The team and I share photo updates to ensure smooth progress. First, we check that the equipment hasn’t sustained any damage during transport and is ready for installation. Being virtually present during the installation allows me to give immediate feedback, offering guidance and real-time assistance. I usually stay connected until the team on site finishes installing 5-6 rings on the pipe.

To become certified installers, attendees must pass the theoretical part and have 3 individual installations total after which I can release the certificate.

Ace Well Technology client support

The “ace in the hole”: the installation kit

By bringing products to market that have a superior holding force (paired with a flexible concept) like the ARC, ARC – Slim, ARC – Force, we recognize the need for an installation process that matches the excellence of our tools. That’s why we go the extra mile by providing our clients with a comprehensive installation kit. It’s a universal and very versatile piece of equipment which is applicable to all tool sizes. Whether it's a 5" or a 15" tool, the same equipment can be used effectively. As part of my responsibilities, I also provide training and assistance specifically related to the installation kit. I can guide the client on how to use the installation kit in a smart way and how to rebuild it for different installation job.

Tailored training for Oil and Gas operators

Success Story and Future Expansion

Since implementing our remote training program, we have witnessed great results and positive feedback from our clients. Currently, 78% of our installations across six continents are conducted remotely, showcasing the success of our program.

To prioritize efficiency and environmental sustainability, we now focus on limiting physical site visits to critical or complex installations only. We take pride in our ability to address any minor issues remotely, ensuring smooth and successful installations. This also proves that our tools are very easy to install. Using instant messaging platforms (like WhatsApp) has proven to be a winning choice in overcoming potential language barriers. In this context, pictures truly speak louder than words, helping to simplify both the communication and the overall installation process.

Last march, we accomplished a highly successful training and installation project for a big operator based in Brazil, specifically in Macae. The installation involved the precise placement of 80pcs of 10 ¾" ARC slim on pipes of the same size. With the dedicated efforts of a skilled team comprising 5-6 individuals, the installation was completed efficiently over a span of 2 days. The feedback we received from the operator was incredibly positive, highlighting the good assistance provided during the process. Our clear and concise explanations made the installation easy to follow, and they appreciated the flexibility and versatility of Ace tools which proved instrumental in achieving seamless results.

“We received a remote online training from Anders about Ace Ratchet Collars for our first installation and usage in Brazil. The training was important for our correct execution during installation and discussion with the Customer. During the session, all doubts were clarified and the whole team was confident to proceed with the operation, all information were transmitted, and we had full time support from Anders and ACE Team during the training and installation. Customer support from Ace exceeded our expectation and the results were very positive.”

Mateus Borges, Technical Professional, Cementing

I followed remotely their progress in every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation experience. This achievement reinforces our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering the highest quality service.

As a result of our strong presence in the Brazilian market (read more our growth in Brazil here) and the enthusiastic response received, we are looking forward to upcoming installations that continue to showcase our commitment to excellence and collaborative partnerships. In fact, we have in our diaries another installation planned there for next august. This time, due to its complexity, we will travel to Brazil to give on-site assistance and ensure optimal results.

So, in conclusion our remote training program is designed to overcome challenges, facilitate seamless operations, and drive success. As we continue to meet the growing demand for our training services, we look forward to future expansion and maintaining our commitment to excellence.

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