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Company culture and core values continue to drive us forward

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The top solution in downhole technology for well construction

I have always held the opinion that successful wells need strong foundations, supported by the use of effective products. Over the years, I am proud to look back on our activity and see that our work has provided customers with this platform. We have raised the stakes in downhole technology, creating a superior method for attaching tools and accessories to the casing or completion string.

But of course, it is not only wells that require strong foundations – the basis of a successful business comes from having a stable platform from which to grow. With that context in mind, I want to take the opportunity in this month’s commentary to outline how our own foundation has been built upon focusing on developing and maintaining a strong company culture.

Each member of our tight-knit team is committed to our business mission: creating greater value for our customers through innovative product development. This has been reflected in the wide variety of high-quality tools that we provide for the sector, all of which are simple, cost effective and easy to install.

Driven forward by core values

Three core values have driven us forward during the last ten years. Simply put, they underpin everything that we do.

Firstly, we are accountable to our customers, priding ourselves on the on-time delivery of products that add value to an operator’s activity. What’s more, we stand with our clients every step of the way, from early advice to product delivery, ensuring the success of a project.

This leads into our second value. We always work closely with our customers to proactively identify solutions to their well challenges, establishing and maintaining strong relationships. This is the cornerstone for our ongoing success and has led to the delivery of successful projects spanning deepwater to shallow depths, in regions from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico.

Finally, we continue to foster a culture of innovation, which sees us constantly looking for ways to enhance our product offering. Whether that is developing new products or finding new applications for our existing solutions. By taking this approach, we will continue to meet the needs of an ever-changing sector.

A socially responsible company

Each member of the team has a commitment to be honest and professional at all times. We are all Ace Oil Tools and as such, each of us contributes actively to the positive development of our company. This is driven by a strong ethos to provide a healthy workspace where the team feel able to contribute, share ideas, and comment on our products and services within an open corporate culture.

These fundamental values have acted as the catalyst to position us as a socially responsible company. More about our approach to responsibility, in particular our environmental focus, can be read on our environmental responsibility page. This highlights a key part of our vision to enable ourselves and our clients to make better and more responsible choices for the future.

Building for the future

As a Norwegian business with a global footprint, we work with customers all over the world. By raising the stakes in downhole tools, we have ensured that we can deliver success on completion activity, no matter how difficult the challenge. By doing the same with our organisational culture, we can future-proof this position, providing the business with the ideal platform for ongoing and sustainable growth.

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