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Ace proves its AFC technology on land wells in the Middle East

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

The Ace Fixed Centralizer (AFC) has been successfully installed on a trial well in the Middle East. The installation was carried out for a major operator on a land well this Autumn.

AFC technology successfully installed in the middle east

The challenge of the trial well was the short lead time to delivery. However, we made this possible by working with an approved local manufacturer that we trust and have an existing relationship with. Designed for applications where rigid centralizers are required, a 6 5/8” AFC was run in an 8 ½” open-hole section in an extended reach well. 200 AFCs were installed off-line by trained installers at the company location within twelve hours. The liner was shipped to the rig, then run in the hole to the desired depth.

The AFC is a single-piece centralizer fixed directly to the casing/liner. It is based on the core technology behind most of Ace’s products, and features the self- tightening ratchet technology. It has been designed to withstand extreme axial and torsional holding force.

Typically, the AFC is used to centralize above or below packers, screen and sliding sleeves. It can also be used during casing and liner drilling, and when reaming is used with casing or liner drilling carried out in combination with swivel in ERD wells and many more applications.

Fit for the application, the AFC was run and the result surpassed the expected results. An evaluation is ongoing for future usage of our AFC on similar projects. Adapting the core Ace technology in various applications has proven to be a successful method to help our customers to reach their objectives.

AFC Technology fixed to the casing

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