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Raising the Stakes - Ace Oil Tools launches new visual identity, logo and website
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Stavanger, 20 May 2020

Today, Ace Oil Tools has unveiled its new look brand and visual identity. Retaining the iconic vibrant pink colour that Ace Oil Tools has become known for, the new look also includes an updated logo and website.


Designed by Project Neon, the new visual identity has been developed to better reflect the Ace Oil Tool’s sleek, sophisticated technology. The Ace Ratchet Collar is simple and effective in design with no loose parts or adds-on, and this streamlined approach is reflected in the minimalist design. Raising the stakes, the website boasts a friendly user interface and pays homage to a deck of cards through subtle references to the ace of spades.


Espen Sørbø, CEO of Ace Oil Tools, commented: “Today is an exciting day as we launch our new visual identity to the market. As the company has grown quickly over the years, we needed a new look website and identity to properly reflect the journey and to bring to life the success of our core technology through the Ace Ratchet Collar.


“Our technology is truly expanding and a game changer, leveraging on our key message ‘A holding force in downhole technology’, so its important that our brand properly reflects this.  Known for the use of our iconic pink, we have ensured this is retained!”


Focused on innovation, Ace Oil Tools is best known for redesigning the traditional stop collar. Bringing unrivaled holding force to operators looking to centralise the pipe and protect equipment downhole, the Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC) removes the need for centraliser subs, resulting in cost savings of up to 80%.  


Since the development of the ARC, it has enabled the development and delivery of six other products by performing as a stop collar to hold both solid body and bow-spring centralizers or other accessories on the liner. Other products in the Ace Oil Tool’s portfolio include the Ace Drilling Centralizer (ADC), Ace Fixed Centralizer (AFC), Ace Tracer Carrier (ATC), Ace Screen Clamp and Ace Splice Clamp.

Ace Oil Tools welcomes media enquiries and has a number of successful client case studies and imagery that it is happy to share.


For enquiries, please contact Claire Gannon at Project Neon

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