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Ace Control Line Clamp for 7” completion in the North Sea

A major Norwegian operator selects the ACLC for semi-automated installation of control line clamps.  

control line clamps
clamp installation methods


  • Successful installation of 49 prototype 7" ACLCs at well D-19 in the North Sea 

  • Semi-automatic installation method and tool proven to offer safety and efficiency improvements.  

  • Collaboration with this major Norwegian Operator has been instrumental in advancing their technology. 

The challenge

Traditional control line clamp installation methods present safety risks, with manual handling requirements from personnel in the “red zone” To improve safety and aid operational efficiencies, operators are seeking an alternative solution. 

The solution

The ACLC enables the automatic installation of clamps anywhere along the entire length of the tubing. The ACLC tool is partly pre-installed on the tubing for increased efficiency. When running in hole, the retention lid is placed on the installation tool which catches the control lines when it moves toward the completion string.

This automated process reduces the need for workers in the red zone by 50% and the time spent in the red zone by 30%.

The result


The operation was considered a success with improvements realised for both safety and efficiency. 

The automated process was proven to reduce the need for personnel in the red zone.  

In addition, operational efficiencies were gained as the ACLC was pre-installed onshore 2 meters above pin. In addition, running speeds exceeded expectations.  

Overall, the pilot run was deemed a success by the client and demonstrated the current capabilities, in addition to the potential for a fully automatic installations, completely removing personnel from the red zone.  

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