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Ace Fixed Centralizer in a 6 5/8” application in UAE

Major Operator selects Ace Fixed Centralizer (AFC) as a viable alternative to similar non-rotating centralizer options in the gulf.

ace well technology in UAE
Ace well technology tools in the Middle East


  • Casing, 6 5/8", TSH W 521 - DPLS, range 3 (40-44), L-80.

  • 8 ½” open hole

  • Temp 300F

  • 35.000 ft/lbs of rotational rating

  • 190.000lbs of axial rating

  • Steel with demonstrated abrasion resistance for ERD applications

  • Flow by area inside 8 ½” open hole 25,9%: 14.69sqin

  • No deformation to casing

The challenge

Operation flexibility at a satisfactory level for the Rubicon Swivel Master was needed to give full torque capabilities to the BHA.


The solution

Ace Oil Tools provided a 6 5/8” Fixed Centralizer resulting in a dramatic reduction in work string friction.


The patented AFC is specifically designed for applications where rigid centralizers are required to be both rotationally and axial fixed to the casing, and to withstand extreme forces of the same. The RIB design is custom made to satisfy customer flow-by requirements.


Each unit is easily installed off-line and does not require pipe preparation or transportation off-site for installation. The AFC is fast to install with a small hydraulic tool and up to 200 AFC’s can be installed in one day.


The result

Two hundred (200) AFC’s were installed off-line at the pipe yard, on ninety-nine (99) joints.


The pipe was sent to the rig then run down to TD (28,903 feet) without any issues and with a very satisfying friction factor of 0,07 in open hole.


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