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Ace Ratchet Collar Force

Based upon our foundational ARC technology, the ARC-Force is an ideal, cost-effective solution for non-close tolerance operations.  At 7mm, the collar is small in size and with unrivalled holding force of 50,000lb, it is suitable for most applications worldwide.

The ARC-Force patented collar uses a proprietary ratchet mechanism, press fitting the two sets of ratchets together to permanently lock the collar to the casing.  With zero loose or moving parts and no impact on drift, the ARC-Force is a secure and reliable solution.  It is also available for quick delivery, offering maximum flexibility for projects.

premium stop collar with ratchet mechanism

•    Zero loose or moving parts reduces the impact on drift and reduces the risk of junk downhole
•    Ideal for chromium pipe as minimal marks left on pipe
•    Flexible in application – suitable for use with any 3rd party centralizer or casing accessory
•    Available with a short delivery time
•    Versatile in application as it is independent of weight, grade and thread
•    Cost-effective solution
•    Quick and easy offline installation in just 1 minute per unit, with no pipe preparation or transportation required
•    We offer client training and remote installations, contributing to reducing carbon emissions. 


•    Mounted directly to any size and grade API pipe in yield strengths up to 140ksi
•    Manufactured from 4140 steel or chrome materials with non-standard materials available on request
•    High axial load capacity, with a minimum holding force of 50,000 lbs


•    High axial load requirements 
•    Long Horizontal wells
•    Tough Formations 

Close tolerance well?

For operations requiring a close tolerance application, we recommend our ARC-Slim, the first 90,000lb+ rated stop collar on the market.

collar force for oil industry is a cost-effective solution for non-close tolerance operations

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